Farcry – Emptied Memories Event

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Farcry Productions – One Off Series


A presentation on the workings of digital Theatre and contemporary dance practice from Taiwanese artist Chou, Tung-Yen

There will be a 20 minute film presentation of Emptied Memories Dance piece after which Chou, Tung-Yen will speak about the making of this work. Questions will be taken at the end of the presentation.

Thursday September 19th at 7.30pm

Adifferentkettleoffishaltogether, 18 Ormond Quay Upper, Dublin 7

Admission Free: Limited Space please book a seat through farcryproductionsltd@gmail.com


About Emptied Memories

Emptied Memories

Emptied Memories is the ongoing exploration into space and memory through theater and moving image that scenographer Chou, Tung-Yen has undertaken in recent years. In 2011-2012, under the sponsorship of Ministry of Culture, he invited the choreographer Chou, Shu-Yi to try to co-create an “empty space” by using “space” and “memory” as the core from which to start. The creation employs the technological integration of panoramic video, real-time image processing, sensors and wireless stage control system. The performer drives the external deformation of the material world, echoing the internal state, in order to present the organic flow of one’s mind landscape.

In October 2011, it was presented in its work-in-progress stage and one year later premiered in 2012 Digital Performing Arts Festival. Now the voyage of Emptied Memories continues.

“Precise images and body movements.
 An exploration into the deepest mind.”

──by Wang, Jun-Jieh (Chief Director of Center for Art and Technology, TNUA)

 “An exclusive experience of making stream of consciousness visible”

──by Ping, Heng (Former Artistic Director of National Theater & Concert Hall)


About – Chou, Tung-Yen


CHOU, Tung-Yen holds a MA in Scenography with distinction from Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in London and a BFA in Theatre Directing from TNUA. Currently a lecturer teaching in the School of Theatre, Taipei National University of the Arts, he is also the director of Very Mainstream Studio. CHOU works mainly in film and theatre arts. His film and video works have been nominated and participated in various international film festivals. Recently he has collaborated closely as well as diversely with many of Taiwan’s performing arts groups (including Performance Workshop, Godot Theatre Company, Tainaner Ensemble, Flying Group Theatre, Shakespeare’s Wild Sisters Group, Taiwan Drama Performance, Dark Eyes Performance Lab, Scarecrow Contemporary Dance Company, Horse DanceTheatre, National Symphony Orchestra and Taipei Chinese Orchestra) In addition, CHOU has also done excellent work in interdisciplinary creative projects incorporating technology with performing arts.


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