Somebody’s Child Site, Temple Bar

Essex St.jpg

Protective netting used to cover existing site to enable us to erect a temporary installation for the Pope’s visit.

Last night the protective netting that I placed on the site at Exchange Street was torn down deliberately. This netting was to allow us to put up a new response to Pope Francis’s visit.

See the panels below and above.  This temp piece of work sends out a clear message and is in keeping with the 15-year project that we have been working on on this site.

A lot of hard work went into last nights work and it all has to be redone today.  You are all welcome to visit the site today as we will be erecting the new piece at 9am this morning and we hope to be finished by this afternoon.

I appreciate the concerns of people who thought that someone was covering up ‘Somebody’s Child’ work and Disband the Artane Band panels but the person who took the image and put up the blog last night inciting people to tear down the protective netting never bothered to ask me, as I was on the site putting up the net, what was happening.

Instead, they chose to incite others to attack the site. This is all time consuming and costly.  So again, I invite anybody who has any concerns to come to the site today as we inaugurate the new temporary work.


I monitor this site every day as it has been attacked a number of times.  Indeed Dublin City Council Planning Department is legally threatening me to take down some of the work but that’s another issue.   I will be seeking your support on that.

Get out there now and provoke the Pope and his followers in a nice way and let us get on with the work.

Go raibh míle maith agat.

Mannix Flynn




A Message to Pope Francis


Temporary installation for Popes visit


Explanation text, new installation Essex Street, Temple Bar, August 2018

Screen Shot 2018-08-23 at 08.09.06.png

New Temporary panels being placed on Essex Street West, Temple Bar, Dublin August 23rd 2018



5 thoughts on “Somebody’s Child Site, Temple Bar

  1. Mannix, this morning I came by and asked why this piece was being covered up – to my ignorance I hadn’t realised it was your own piece, and that this covering up was for a really great reason. I just wanted to apologise – I think what you are doing is incredible, many of us do – you are doing the right thing.

  2. Mannix I first saw your “boards” a couple of years ago whilst walking through Temple bar. It stopped me in my tracks, I started to read and when the sentiment hit me. I cried on that street, because your words were the words of my mother in law (a survivor of Clifden industrial school). I cried for her, her children who it affects deeply too and I cried in shame of our nation.
    I watched you last night on Primetime and found you an astonishingly strong and courageous individual. Thank you for representing all the voices, especially the ones for ever silenced.
    Yours Trish Hearne

  3. Dear Mr. Mannix:
    I literally stumbled upon your incredible monument while casually walking though the area during the holidays. Absolutely the most stirring place in Dublin! Thank you for giving voice to the children who were so terribly neglected and tossed aside. It should be a mandatory stop on every tour. I was incredibly moved.
    Chris Stock, Pennsylvania, USA

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