91 Camden Street-Protecting the protected structure – update

Here is the response from Dublin City Council in relation to alleged unlawful work taking place on the protected structure at 91 Camden Street Dublin.  

As requested at Tuesday’s SPC I outline below details regarding the alleged unauthorised development at 91 Camden Street.

The Planning Department received a complaint on 9 September 2013 that work was taking place to the rear gable and roof of this building. Due to the nature of the complaint, an initial inspection was carried out as a matter of urgency but the Enforcement Officer was unable to access the site until 16 September. When ispected, there was no one on site and no works taking place.

On 16 September, the Enforcement officer confirmed ownership of the building (not the person alleged by complainant). The Enforcement Section issued a Warning Letter on 19 September 2013 allowing the owners 2 weeks to respond. The normal response period is 4 weeks but given the seriousness of the case it was determined that more urgent action was required.

The response period expires Thursday, 3 October 2013. A follow up inspection will immediately be carried out to determine what futher action is to be taken.

See also comments in Archiseek and images of the original roof structure http://www.archiseek.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=15&t=6813&sid=ee9ee8da367b07fbd0b6578f030f8702&start=675#p117617

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