A Grandiose Conference of Indifference



This opinion is meant in the best possible constructive taste and one should take it without the fear of uncomfortability.  If we are not challenged and open to challenge and if we are not uneasy, well that is a very unhealthy place to be. Honesty is the order of the day. 

Hidden Rooms or Hidden agenda? Collaboration or evasion? Inclusion or exclusion? What difference? DCC’s A Different Conference or a conference of gobbledygook.

November 25th to 26th A conference on the future of the City has been taking place in and around Dublin’s City centre.

How out of touch can Dublin City Council be from its homeless people  is evident in the laissez faire expenditure in this Pivot project. One can only coin the phrase

‘City Manager, City Manager,the people of Dublin are homeless’ and his reply is ‘Let them have Pivot, let them have conferences on City living’.

You cannot justify not being able to maintain the basic needs of people’s housing i.e. fixing a broken window for a senior citizen, or housing a homeless family, by this elite gathering of elites to simply waffle on about their grand designs.

As a Councillor and a Dubliner, in my opinion, to conduct these conferences in light of the above and to continue with the failed Pivot bid and its program is nothing short of shamelessness and indifference to the poor of our city.  One has only got to look at the line up of guest speakers and participants to see the usual wafflers offering their tuppence worth of what has already been well discussed and well ironed out in other cities.  All they are doing is an act of plagiarism. There is nothing original here.  It is simply grand standing of personalities before any principal or consideration of the ethical implications of wasting such scarce financial resources when they had better been spent on maintaining and housing our homeless and looking after our elderly and needy.

Its quite obvious that this is a pet project centered around self promotion and is substanceless no doubt we will get the booklet and the DVD on how marvelous the whole event was.  Like the many other DVDs and catalogues we have gotten over the years.

You cannot justify this for one moment when there are hundreds of children homeless this very day.  If you want to do something with the kind of money that you are so loose with, the public purse, spend it on the public’s poor and not on your well off selves.  Possibly spend some of your own money on this, you might be a bit more prudent and reckless rather than the complete waste of scarce resources of the finances of City Council.

All of these issues have been driven in the Dublin City Council Development plan, the local area plans so on and so forth. They were even discussed in the SDZ Docklands plans and the Grangegorman plans.  Lets face it folks, this is more naval gazing and it is highly unlikely that anything, other than more grandiosity, will emerge from this.

Spend the money on the citizens who need it most.  Spend the money on making children safe tonight but stop this nonsense, this indifference, to the public purse and the people of the city.  This is designed entirely for a professional ruling class elite so as they can all slap each other on the back and I know you know, from the many that I spoke with over the conference, that there is great uncomfortability and uneasiness about this rather surreal event given what’s going on outside of the doors and out on the streets outside City Hall.

photo-19Nothing to smile about with this expenditure #hiddenhouse 
Question to the Chief Executive Council Meeting 03 November 2014


Can the Chief Executive issue a full report with regards to PIVOT and the bid for design capital.  This report to include how much was spent on the bid for design capital and what was the allocation an expenditure of PIVOT.  Also what are the future plans for this initiative and what its achievements to date are.


Report on the PIVOT Dublin initiative and the bid for World Design Capital 2014, allocation and expenditure, achievements to date and future plans for the initiative.

PIVOT Dublin is an initiative to promote the use of design as a driver of social, cultural and economic development in the city. It has served as a means of promoting Dublin’s design businesses domestically and internationally, promoting Dublin’s attractiveness as a place to visit and do business and promoted greater public understanding of the role and potential of design as a means of effecting an improved quality of life in the city’s built environment.

The PIVOT Dublin initiative originated through the bid for World Design Capital 2014 which was run during 2010 and 2011. The bid was a joint initiative by Dublin City Council, Fingal County Council, South Dublin County Council and Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council. The following documents provide a full report on the bid:


  • World Design Capital 2014; The Potential for Dublin to mount a bid for the designation (2010)
  • Guide to the World Design Capital 2014 Bid (2011)
  • Guide to PIVOT Dublin (2012)

The expenditure for 2010 to 2011 on the bid for World Design Capital 2014 was as follows:

  • Overall expenditure on Bid (Dublin City Council, Fingal Co Council, Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown Co Council, Fáilte Ireland): €386,275


  • Dublin City Council expenditure (included in the above): €314,227

The allocation to PIVOT Dublin is made on the basis of a costed programme submitted in advance each year to the Chief Executive.

1 thought on “A Grandiose Conference of Indifference

  1. Hi Mannix – I went along to the event today in city hall and was pleasantly surprised as the issues addressed included homelessness, accessibility, social housing and transport. I’m not sure how that was just navel-gazing as DCC have committed to implementing many of the ideas. In terms of an ‘elite’ I don’t know if you actually looked into it but there seemed to be community representatives and agency representatives involved, so not sure if you saw the details of the programme. Also not sure about your take against pivot and design – there are many design graduates coming out of Ireland – more than fine art graduates, and pivot has been promoting their work just as various arts organisations promote the work of artists and writers.

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