Wanted: 1980 VHS footage of Late Late Show

I am hoping to track down footage that is currently missing from the RTE archives.

The Late Late show program (Gay Bryne RTE 1)  was broadcast on 17th May 1980 

If anyone still has their collection of VHS recordings from TV shows from the 1980tys or any of the bands/performers below kept copies of the show could they please contact me.


The Late Late show broadcast on 17th May 1980 

Guests on that night’s show were:

Daddy Cool and the Lollipops

Tony Dowling, 

Tony Cull 

Katherine Kelly

Gerard Mannix Flynn

Limerick Grannies

Solid Gold

Tony Summers

Please pass on to anyone who might be able to source VHS TV recordings.  Thanks

You can email me on farcryproductionsltd@gmail.com





1 thought on “Wanted: 1980 VHS footage of Late Late Show

  1. if you can locate Brendan dowling,(guessing you may know of him) he teaches Tai-Chi and does other work with the youth in whitefiar st hall. well his long time girlfriend used to be gay byrnes right hand woman, so you might be lucky,as she maybe able to point you in right direction! hopefully! good luck Gerard xx Lynda MILLS UK

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