Tuam Babies



Essex Street Site, Temple Bar Dublin -Above, a list of institutions under investigation in the Mother and Baby home  inquiry



Nora at Exchange Street Lower, Temple Bar West



Names of infants buried at Tuam Mother and Baby home




7 thoughts on “Tuam Babies

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  2. Thank you for continuing to update
    us on these atrocities. When I was in Ireland 3 yes ago for my brothers funeral, I was told about my mothers sister Helen Gardiner who was sent to one of these homes because she was pregnant. She lived in Cuilmore,
    Gurteen and died on May 21, 1970
    at the age of 48 yrs., which means she
    Was born in 1922. There was a list of
    babies last names published & I saw
    Gardiner on it I think 1948. However
    There were no first names of mothers or
    babies. How can I find out? If anyone
    can help I’d appreciate it. I’m in the
    U.S., in the Boston area.

  3. In 1974 my family moved to artane next door to artane industrial school ,we as children used to climb over the big walls into the grounds,we played among the graves that were there near where the artane center that is there now ,I wonder ti this day are there any dead children buried there and why did they die,is there graves there to?,my father delivered coal there as a boy in the late 1940ths and on one occasion seen a boy hanging from the rafters of the spoll shed ,whos child was he and why did he feel the need to end it all,can anyone else shed some light on this.

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