The book, the thief and the tall tales of Lilliput. A cock and bull story.

“We had presumed he would be happy to have it available. I should have written to him [but] I didn’t. (A. Farrell, Lilliput Press)

blue cock

Well I couldn’t ever presume because I was never informed it was online in the first place. So for over 18 months, Antony Farrell was presuming that I would be delighted. I don’t understand this because I had stopped my contract with Lilliput Press in 2004 and bought my entire stock back and informed them I wanted nothing whatsoever got to do with them. The reason? Something similar to the kind of contempt and disregard and theft thats at hand at present with Mr O Farrell willy nilly operating in the never never land. The land of his own imagination and his own arrogant presumption. I presume there are many other authors out there under Mr O Farrells presumption who would be very happy with their work going online. Well Mr Philip Casey who is one such author, like myself, is not one bit happy. As the saying goes how many more, how many more? In the words of John Philpot Curran ‘the price of liberty is eternal vigilance’ If I hadn’t stumbled upon an email from an American lady who had purchased my works from Kindle I would never have known. I doubt very much if Mr Farrell had any intention of informing me or asking me for permission as he knows only too well, I would have refused him and Lilliput press. If I want my work online, I’m quite capable of putting it out there myself. I’ll be writing to Mr O Farrell and you can be sure it won’t be a book, a poem or a play but I will publish it, myself, online. I think they call it literary correspondence. Let’s wait and see. This is about individual’s and organisations who wish to squash and exclude the artist. We must be always continuous in our efforts of the performance of our inclusion.