Greyhound response

This is another ‘Greyhound’ response regarding the SCR/Synge Street uncollected bins….Replies masquerading as responses. 
Going forward – heading backwards – going nowhere.
Hello Mannix,Thank you for getting in touch.

We received these images via social media and detailed the situation with the person who contacted us.

The area is no longer serviced for bins so only bags are being collected going forward.

We advised people in the area over 8 weeks ago of this.

Customers have the option to use the bins with an alternative supplier. If they wish for the empty bins to be removed they have been advised to contact us and we will remove them.

The bags were logged for a collection yesterday and this should already been resolved.

Should you have any queries in the future please do not hesitate to contact me.

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New City Council Bye-laws to Simplify Bin Collection

                                                                                                                            27th February, 2014

New City Council Bye-Laws to simplify bin collection come into force                  

From Monday 3rd March every area of the city will have a specified day for household bin collection regardless of waste provider under new Dublin City Council Bye-Laws.

A map of the areas and the designated days for collection is available on:

The public are encouraged to check their collection day on this map.

“The fact that several waste collectors now operate in Dublin means that communities were being inconvenienced by numerous bin trucks in their area on a daily basis with resulting difficulties of footpaths blocked by bins, littering and traffic issues. These Bye Laws will ease these problems considerably”, says Hugh Coughlan of Dublin City Council’s Waste Management Services Division.

Dublin City Council’s Waste Management Services held talks with domestic waste collectors as part of the process to determine the collection days. All waste collectors are currently informing any customers who will require a change to their collection day. About 44,000 customers will see their collection day change as a result.


For further information contact:

Dublin City Council Media Relations Office T. (01) 222 2170, M. 087 740 0277             


These arrangements follow the introduction of Dublin City Council’s Bye Laws for the Storage, Presentation and Collection of Household & Commercial Waste in July 2013 which directs waste companies to collect waste on designated days.

Designated Days do not affect commercial collections

Collections in core City Centre District for Households & Commercial Premises are on 7 day basis.

Customers can contact their individual Waste Operator with any queries.