Disruption of Water Supply – Saturday

Disruption of Water Supply – Dublin  – Saturday 28th May, 2016.

Please see list of areas affected below:

Dublin City Council, working on behalf of Irish Water, advises that, while a repair is being carried out on a large water main, there will be reduced pressures and possible temporary loss of water supply in parts of the city from 08.00am until midnight on Saturday 28th May, 2016. The areas likely to be affected are:


Chapelizod, Islandbridge, Infirmary Road, Phoenix Park, Oxmanstown Road, Prussia Street, Grangegorman, Arbour Hill, Phibsborough Road, Broadstone, Constitution Hill and surrounding areas, as shown in the shaded area on the attached map.


Dublin City Council will make a number of water tankers available on the day.

The daytime contact telephone number for Saturday is 01 8643634.

After 17:00 hrs the contact number is 01 6796186.


Map available at: http://www.dublincity.ie/sites/default/files/content/Press/Documents/islandbridge.pdf


Hanna Sheehy Skeffington 1877-1946

Hanna Sheehy Skeffington

Johanna Sheehy was born in Kanturk County Cork in 1877. Her father was a nationalist MP for South Galway. David Sheehy was imprisoned many times for his part in the Land War. Hanna was educated in Eccles St, Dublin. She later went on to St Mary’s University obtaining her degree from the Royal University of Ireland.

In 1920, she achieved a first class honours MA. She became a teacher in Eccles St and later taught French and German in Rathmines College of Commerce. In 1903 she married Francis Skeffington, a university registrar, Francis was totally committed to equality and, very unusually for the time, took Hanna’s surname.

In 1912, she and her husband founded the Irish Citizen.
During the Rising, Hanna brought food to the different outposts and Frank tried to set up a citizen’s militia to stop looting. He was arrested by the British authorities and shot on the orders of Captain Bowen-Colthurst. Bowen-Colthurst was found ‘guilty but insane’ at his court martial. Hanna refused the compensation and insisted on an inquiry into his death.

At the end of 1916 Hanna travelled to the US and spoke at 250 meetings across the continent. Her tour raised $40,000, which was handed over to Michael Collins. Forbidden by the Government to return to Ireland Hanna smuggled herself in via Liverpool in 1918, but she was soon detained and imprisoned in Holloway Jail along with Kathleen Clarke, Maude Gonne and Countess Markievicz. During the War of Independence, she was active in Sinn Féin. In 1920 she was elected to Dublin Corporation.
1926 Hanna supported Eamon de Valera during the Sinn Féin split and joined Fianna Fáil.

Hanna died on Easter Saturday, 20 April 1946.

She really deserves to be looked up if you have read this far as her life and achievements deserve a website onto themselves.  The images are part of a series of works entitled ‘Something to Live for’ at Parliament Street, Cork Hill, Dame Street Dublin.  1916 One hundred website




Mrs Kate O Callaghan 1885-1961

Everyday I will post a short biography and image from the ‘Something to Live for’ window installation at Parliament Street/Cork Hill/Dame Street Dublin.

Today is Kate O Callaghan who had a major influence on the cultural life and politics of Limerick City.


Kate Murphy was born near Macroom, Cork in 1885. She had 14 brothers and sisters, 11 of whom survived to adulthood. She obtained a degree from the Royal University followed by teacher training in Cambridge. She took up her sister Máire’s post as a teacher in Limerick at Mary Immaculate College.
In July 1914 she married Michael O’ Callaghan and passed her job on to another sister, Éilis. She joined the Gaelic League along with her sisters and was a founder member of the Cumann na mBan Limerick branch . Her jusband became Lord Mayor of Limerick in 1920 and was shot dead by masked men in front of her (believed to be Black and Tans), She was left a widow at 35 years of age. She began a campaign to countermand the authroities ‘version’ that he had been killed by and extreme element of the IRA.  Her pamphlet, The Limerick Curfew Murders,  was circulated in Ireland, England and America.
In 1921 Kate was elected to the Dáil. She opposed the Treaty and in 1922 called for increased women’s suffrage.  She lost her seat in 1923 but remained a very active member of the cultural life of the city and was a member of the Limerick Drama Society, Féile Luimnigh, Limerick Art Gallery and the Gaelic League.  When she died in 1961 members of the old IRA carried her coffin draped with the tri-colour.  She was buried at Mount St Lawrence cemetery next to her husband.


Link to The Limerick Curfew Murders http://museum.limerick.ie/index.php/Detail/Object/Show/object_id/11690

Devious Poster Theft



It appears that there is a group of individuals going around in a white van with high-vis jackets on removing our posters.

We received a call last night to say that someone had seen them in broad daylight taking the posters. We were at the DCC Rathmines depot this morning and they had only one of our posters taken in. We have taken a look around the city and a lot of our posters are missing from the poles they were placed on.
This is anti democratic and completely wrong. We ask whoever is doing this to stop.
I’d also ask the members of the public to be vigilant. The Dublin City Council litter wardens will have DCC ID on them and the DCC logo on the back of their jackets.
To those taking down the posters, be assured, we will be replacing them over the next 24 hours.





Poster Removal by DCC


Beware Dublin City Council are removing posters that they deem in breach of protocol. They are failing to inform the candidates or their crews that they are doing this which is leading to great confusion on the ground.

For those who are missing posters check with DCC litter management and retrieve your posters.  The posters for the Dublin Bay South candidates are being stored in Rathmines.

And again we are not being informed about this. The state of the city with the guts ripped out of it from the Luas construction, delapidated buildings and boarded up flats and here are DCC using staff resources to pull down election posters.  The breath taking arrogance of this that they can go around willy nilly.  I’m surprised they haven’t franchised it out to Greyhound.

Its unfair on the major effort that is being made by all the candidates and their crews in atrocious weather conditions to try and create a public platform for themselves in this forthcoming election.  Especially for Independent candidates who are finding it increasingly difficult to compete with  main parties and the financial resources they have not to mention the monopolized media coverage that they get.

I don’t want to see any poster causing a hazard or danger to anybody and if I got the opportunity I’d ban them outright and create a different system.  I did put a motion to ask for the banning of posters after the Giro Italia but it didn’t get passed with fellow councillors so we are left, for now,  with the present situation. And I agree, it is a visual pollutant and its over the top.

But Independents don’t have any other choice in the matter right now as well as that its a very expensive process to print posters, cable ties, ladders, insurance etc.

No candidate goes out there to litter. No candidate goes out there to cause obstruction or hindrance or danger when postering. But if I was to stick a big banner across one of the buildings in Dublin advertising Lucozade there would be nobody for DCC trying to tear it down. There would be the usual hocus pocus letter writing, weeks would go by before the offending massive banner was taken down. Yet, when it comes to us and our posters, they become ultra efficient in taking them down and not even bothering to inform us that we can get them back.

I’m on my way up to Rathmines now to get my posters back.  I do wish the Council would have told me without me having to go through this unnecessary rigmarole.


Update on Works in Merrion Square Park, Dublin City Council

Merrion Square Park, Dublin

Merrion Square Park, Dublin

There are a large number of recommendations in the Conservation and Management Plan for Merrion Square Park and these will be undertaken on a phased basis over the coming years.

The current works which include the restoration of the historic perimeter path and the grassing down of a short link path, along the south-east corner of the park are well underway. It is necessary to knock a small section of the park depot to facilitate the installation of the perimeter path and this will be undertaken shortly. It is anticipated that the installation of this path will be completed by the end of July. In the meantime, re-graded soil areas will be seeded, allowing lawns to have sufficient growth to allow immediate access to the area when work on the paths has been completed.

The civil works at the Oscar Wilde Sculpture have been completed and planting will occur week commencing 17th June and the installation of two benches and a small interpretative sign will be undertaken by the end of June.

Treatment of the ESB sub -station is also being investigated to determine how best to repair and enhance this prominent building within the park. It is anticipated that work will commence on the building as soon as an appropriate treatment for the building has been agreed.

Additional works, including the widening of the footpath along Merrion Square North in keeping with the historic design for the park, will commence in the autumn and will be completed over the winter months when sculptures in the park will be moved to this location and appropriate period seating installed.

It is also considered that the design of the proposed tea rooms, to be located in the vicinity of the Oscar Wilde Sculpture and the playground, will commence in the autumn and Part 8 planning requirements completed over the winter and early spring 2016.

Every effort is being made to minimise any inconvenience to the public during these works and a full programme of events will be held in the park as normal over the summer months.

A Grandiose Conference of Indifference



This opinion is meant in the best possible constructive taste and one should take it without the fear of uncomfortability.  If we are not challenged and open to challenge and if we are not uneasy, well that is a very unhealthy place to be. Honesty is the order of the day. 

Hidden Rooms or Hidden agenda? Collaboration or evasion? Inclusion or exclusion? What difference? DCC’s A Different Conference or a conference of gobbledygook.

November 25th to 26th A conference on the future of the City has been taking place in and around Dublin’s City centre.

How out of touch can Dublin City Council be from its homeless people  is evident in the laissez faire expenditure in this Pivot project. One can only coin the phrase

‘City Manager, City Manager,the people of Dublin are homeless’ and his reply is ‘Let them have Pivot, let them have conferences on City living’.

You cannot justify not being able to maintain the basic needs of people’s housing i.e. fixing a broken window for a senior citizen, or housing a homeless family, by this elite gathering of elites to simply waffle on about their grand designs.

As a Councillor and a Dubliner, in my opinion, to conduct these conferences in light of the above and to continue with the failed Pivot bid and its program is nothing short of shamelessness and indifference to the poor of our city.  One has only got to look at the line up of guest speakers and participants to see the usual wafflers offering their tuppence worth of what has already been well discussed and well ironed out in other cities.  All they are doing is an act of plagiarism. There is nothing original here.  It is simply grand standing of personalities before any principal or consideration of the ethical implications of wasting such scarce financial resources when they had better been spent on maintaining and housing our homeless and looking after our elderly and needy.

Its quite obvious that this is a pet project centered around self promotion and is substanceless no doubt we will get the booklet and the DVD on how marvelous the whole event was.  Like the many other DVDs and catalogues we have gotten over the years.

You cannot justify this for one moment when there are hundreds of children homeless this very day.  If you want to do something with the kind of money that you are so loose with, the public purse, spend it on the public’s poor and not on your well off selves.  Possibly spend some of your own money on this, you might be a bit more prudent and reckless rather than the complete waste of scarce resources of the finances of City Council.

All of these issues have been driven in the Dublin City Council Development plan, the local area plans so on and so forth. They were even discussed in the SDZ Docklands plans and the Grangegorman plans.  Lets face it folks, this is more naval gazing and it is highly unlikely that anything, other than more grandiosity, will emerge from this.

Spend the money on the citizens who need it most.  Spend the money on making children safe tonight but stop this nonsense, this indifference, to the public purse and the people of the city.  This is designed entirely for a professional ruling class elite so as they can all slap each other on the back and I know you know, from the many that I spoke with over the conference, that there is great uncomfortability and uneasiness about this rather surreal event given what’s going on outside of the doors and out on the streets outside City Hall.

photo-19Nothing to smile about with this expenditure #hiddenhouse 
Question to the Chief Executive Council Meeting 03 November 2014


Can the Chief Executive issue a full report with regards to PIVOT and the bid for design capital.  This report to include how much was spent on the bid for design capital and what was the allocation an expenditure of PIVOT.  Also what are the future plans for this initiative and what its achievements to date are.


Report on the PIVOT Dublin initiative and the bid for World Design Capital 2014, allocation and expenditure, achievements to date and future plans for the initiative.

PIVOT Dublin is an initiative to promote the use of design as a driver of social, cultural and economic development in the city. It has served as a means of promoting Dublin’s design businesses domestically and internationally, promoting Dublin’s attractiveness as a place to visit and do business and promoted greater public understanding of the role and potential of design as a means of effecting an improved quality of life in the city’s built environment.

The PIVOT Dublin initiative originated through the bid for World Design Capital 2014 which was run during 2010 and 2011. The bid was a joint initiative by Dublin City Council, Fingal County Council, South Dublin County Council and Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council. The following documents provide a full report on the bid:


  • World Design Capital 2014; The Potential for Dublin to mount a bid for the designation (2010)
  • Guide to the World Design Capital 2014 Bid (2011)
  • Guide to PIVOT Dublin (2012)

The expenditure for 2010 to 2011 on the bid for World Design Capital 2014 was as follows:

  • Overall expenditure on Bid (Dublin City Council, Fingal Co Council, Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown Co Council, Fáilte Ireland): €386,275


  • Dublin City Council expenditure (included in the above): €314,227

The allocation to PIVOT Dublin is made on the basis of a costed programme submitted in advance each year to the Chief Executive.